10 ways kids & animals are the same

Do you ever sit and home and watch your animal go crazy? Do you have a kiddo that you think the same thing? One minute they are asleep in their beds, and then all of a sudden - boom. They just go ballistic. I don't get it either, but I can tell you that an animal and a kid are pretty much the same thing. How? Well, read below! Today, Kristyn from Chits and Giggles and I are presenting to you how kids and animals are the same.

10 Ways Kids and Animals are the same

Kristyn says:

I don't have kiddos, but an animal is pretty close to a kid. How is that possible?

one | They have to be fed on their time. Our cat comes and wakes us up, especially if we are trying to sleep in, when he is hungry. I don't know if he gets it in his head that he always gets food at a certain time, but sometimes it's like 6:30am and he's waking us up.

two | They beg and beg for treats. Any time we are both in the kitchen, the cat will run up and start meowing. He could have been dead asleep 5 seconds earlier, but somehow he just knows that we are both in the kitchen at the same time and that apparently demands a treat. Or wet food. I mean, seriously. Kids also seem to beg for treats and food as well, from what I have heard.

three | Both find the weirdest places to nap. We recently bought the cat a bed, but before that, he would nap anywhere. His favorites recently have been on pillows, in a pile of clean clothes, or the laundry basket. Kids can sleep anywhere. Even in an uncomfortable position in the car. It's amazing how they can be sound asleep when it just looks so painful!

four | Cats and kids love to play - especially with shiny objects. This is especially true right now, but it's so true. Our cat loves - and I mean loves - the laser pointer. He goes crazy over it. He also is obsessed with the Christmas tree and the ornaments. Kids seem to have the same facination with things that light up. Including the tree and the ornaments.

five | They both will steal your hearts. My dad hated the cat that I had in college. There were some circumstances that made me bring that cat home and he had to live with him. It took a little while, but Bailey became my dads cat. He loved him so much and it was just so precious to see. The cat would just always jump in his lap and be so cute. He finally made my dad a cat lover.

And I say:

Being a mom to one and a pet owner to two, I am always noticing similarities between the human child and furry ones...

one | They ALWAYS need attention. There is no getting away from it... both are a long-term commitment. They need to be fed, cleaned, cuddled, petted, etc. Basically both will always need your attention- 24/7... well 24/1, because they need to sleep for at least 6 hours, right?

two | Both need to be potty trained. Sure, cats have an intuition that they need to use a litter box, but both dogs and children take time to potty train (dogs tend to catch on easier). If all fails... they do make adult diapers for both dogs and humans :)

three | There is no getting away from it... money will be spent on toys. Lots of toys. Going along with the "attention thing" toys seem to consume both children and dog/cats for a period of time, giving you a piece of your sanity back. And during that time you are usually able to get five minutes of peace to go pee :)

four | Cuddles are the best. Whether it be from a cat, a dog, or even a tiny miniature sized version of yourself, cuddles from them are the best. And they always seem to come at just the right moment.

five | Both hold a very special place in your heart. No matter what you are going through or what you are feeling, looking at a dog/cat or child makes it all worth it. You learn that you would give your all to make them happy, to save them in their time of need, and so much more. They make your life complete.

Do you ever notice any similarities between your animals and children?
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  1. OMG i love this! And ps thank you so much for the card!!!!!!

  2. Those are so cute! I don't have any kids, but even my dogs will wake me up at 4 in the morning--when they're sleeping in their crate upstairs! Like a mom, I can hear a cry, the sound of a dog starting to vomit, or anything like that even when I am deeply asleep. If they bark their heads off, I will sleep right through it, but it wakes my husband up. He doesn't have the special sense for their sad noises.

  3. LOVE this. Both of y'all hit the nail on the head and I laughed my way through the whole thing. As a pet owner AND a mom, I get it. You've nailed it! hahahaha

  4. YES!! Pets are like kids! You love them just the same too!


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