Black Friday Randomness

Holy cow, I really can't believe that it's the last Friday of the month and that my BIRTHDAY is seriously in like 5 days... WOW! It's a bit crazy to imagine, but yeah.... Oh, btw, did you have a great day of stuffing your belly full? I did, and I talk about it below... 

Five random things about this week:

one | Today marks the day that the hubby and I have been together SEVEN YEARS... oh my. ps... you can read about our "love story" here ----> true story | I fell inlove with the dj

two | It's snowed yesterday, but didn't stick into the wee morning hours. I was actually kinda bummed.... every year I ask for snow on my birthday, but yeah, it usually doesn't happen. On that subject, I really can't even tell you the last time I actually experienced a "White Christmas" either... I mean, it's not like I really want the snow on Christmas- we have like 3 places to go and I hate driving in the fluffy stuff- but it would be nice for a picturesque day, you know.

three | Turkey last night was AMAZING! I love me some turk turk, mashed potatoes, gravy, pie... and plus, calories don't count on Thanksgiving, right? Oh, btw, of the twenty some pictures, me, the hubby & Lil Man took for Thanksgiving... only maybe three turned out ok. UGH!

four | In case you're wondering... I went BLACK FRIDAY shopping last night... & no, I didn't ruin my dinner with my family. You see, me, the hubby, & Lil Man were driving home from a relative's house about an hour away, and Walmart just happen to be on the way home. We picked up a gift for a baby nephew, somethings for Lil Man, some fleece lined tights for me, and pjs for Christmas Eve. Sure, we really didn't maximize the sales, but whatever. 

five | On the subject of black Friday... I am having a BLACK FRIDAY sale in my shop! The sale goes all weekend- Ends Tuesday, but it is the LOWEST one I will have! So yeah, it's time to get those Christmas orders in! Check it out!  Ps. you can also click on the picture to get to the shop!

Now that I've talked about me too much, 
let's share some blogger love, shall we? 

Posts to read include:

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Kinda inlove with this post... you will see why when yo read it!

DIY Christmas Tassel Garland | Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos 
I have been looking for a great tutorial for this, and Lindsay delivers.

Samantha talks about the new "normal" Barbie, and addresses the fact that everyone keeps blaming eating & body image disorders and self esteem issues on Barbie.

How was your week? Do or eat anything fun? Go Black Friday shopping? 

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  1. Glad that you had a good Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary! Congratulations both :) x

  2. not gonna lie... i FinALLY bought something from the shop with the black Friday deal. YAY! can't wait to enter this giveaway too though. awesome!

  3. 7 years, that's awesome!! Happy Anniversary! :) (I'm off to read your love story now)


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