Images of happy

We take pictures to remind us of a moment. Of what we saw, of what we were feeling, of who we were with. And when our eyes gaze upon the photo, we tend to smile. We become happy. And we are reminded that even though sometimes life can be a big ball of stress, every now and then there are good things. There are happy things.
These are a few of my...
A single cup of apple cider reminds me of my son's birthday wish to go to the Apple Orchard. It reminds me of Fall.
I love kitty cuddles in the morning when he and I are the only ones awake. It's a reminder that there are some quiet moments in a world full of go, go, go.
A single DIY cherry blossom painting. A reminder that a blank canvas is just that. A blank canvas. And beautiful things can come out of a blank canvas.
My wedding ring is a constant reminder of happiness. Sure marriage can be hard at times, but after you vowed to love each other for a lifetime in front of family and close friends, it seems like nonsense to just give up when things get rough. Sure it may be a materialistic item, but it's a reminder of how much being married to my husband makes me happy.
Caterpillars are ugly little things, but they develop into something beautiful. The beauty of nature is a priceless thing.
A single wedding present wrapped by me and given to a friend. But the happiness isn't the wrapping. It's the contents... ten hand painted champagne toasting glasses, painted my me.
What do your images of happy look like?
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  1. I've seen that blossom canvas all over Pinterest and keeping meaning to make it. Please tell me thats a hot beverage you are drinking with a straw!! I do the same thing and everyone thinks I'm crazy lol

  2. It is so true looking back on certain photos can make you smile. I like sharing your memories through the photos you shared. The butterfly is so beautiful. When I look at various pictures I have taken from traveling or while in school it makes me smile.

  3. I love looking through photos of places we went and things we did as a family. It melts my heart. Life is beautiful and such a blessing :)

  4. What a great reminder to just breathe and take in every single moment! Beautiful post, girl!



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