Some things just make sense

You know, some things tend to make sense sometimes. For instance, some things that protect us, like speed limits, tail lights, air bags, laws in general (though sometimes they can be stupid); some things that protect our loved ones, like cribs, car seats, laws about not smoking in the car with a child, mutual trust and respect; some things that are yummy, like pb&j, cheese & fries, bread & butter; and some things, like cut offs and tanks, maxis and flip flops, bare feet and bluejeans, me and Maurices... it all just makes sense. 

And sometimes you feel like you just get it right... I mean when I first grabbed up this outfit from Maurices ah-mazing clearance sale, I didn't try it on. In fact, the tank and under tank sat in my closet for almost two weeks, before I decided to try it on. Which I'm glad I did!

tank | Maurices
under tank | Maurices
jeans | Maurices
flip flops | Target
necklace | Maurices (only in stores)

Do you know what else makes sense? Target... and the fact that I joined a few friends to give you guys a chance to win a seventy-five dollar gift card there. Can you imagine how much you could buy with that? Clothes, shoes, accessories, food, school supplies, more clothes, hair products, makeup (oh man, I love Target's makeup clearance)... this list could go on for a LONG time. Anyways, get your booty over HERE and enter to win. There is only one day left! 

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*I know my watermarks all look different- I'm in the process of designing one that will be uniform and make all my pictures pretty :) Don't judge- I'm giving you a chance to win money. 

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