pretty little beauty swap reveal & wednesday wishes

Happy humpday friends! Where has this week gone? Today I have something extra special for you! I am going to give you an update on my Wednesday Wishes from last week, AND show you my beauty swap haul. 

First up is my beauty swap haul!

I participated in the pretty little beauty swap with Chelsee from  Southern Beauty Guide and Justine from Sleepy Single Girl, because, well I love doing swap boxes and making new friends. 

For this swap box, I was paired with Christine from Life with a side of coffee, and absolutly fell inlove with the girl. First, she only lives like an hour away from me (possible blate?); Second, I love her blog; and third, her beauty preferences are almost the same as mine. I mean I liked her so much, I decided to sponsor her for a month! 

Anyways, the goodies:

Christine sent me a cute little card, and inside, she described each product.

The package contained: a beautiful makeup bag, three Sinful Colors nail polish colors, Baby lips crystal lip balm, EOS lip balm in strawberry, an elf eye shadow pallet, a Maybelline smokey eye pallet, baby skin primer, clean & clear night cleansing wipes, and NYC bronzer.  

I really couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the package! I have been wanting a non-expensive, but amazing bronzer, and didn't know which one to get. Well, Christine made up my mind! And the baby lips is a pretty sheer pink with a shimmer, and looks so pretty on.

Thank you so much Christine!!!! xoxo


Second at bat is my Wednesday Wishes update:
You can see my original post here.

Wish #1- get Lil Man on a schedule.
I can't say that this actually happened, but we are working on it. We are getting up at the same time each morning, and doing away with naps. It seems as if Lil Man is able to sleep better when he doesn't get a nap during the day, and goes to bed earlier. So we will be working on getting on an actual schedule this coming week. 

Wish #2- schedule all of my blog posts this week. 
I have scheduled 80% of my blog post for the past week. Sure, I need to get better with scheduling my social media posts, but this wish was met.

Wish #3- start potty training Lil Man, and follow through with it. 
I am proud to say that Lil Man has been going in the potty. He is wearing pull ups during the day, and diapers at night, but is only having a maximum of three accidents a day, since Saturday. I didn't push this, because I know how he is, so I am one proud mama that he decided to just start going in the potty. 

Wish #4- put in at least THREE applications this week. 
Plain and simple, I only put one in.

Wish #5- change my nail polish color on my toes. 
Yep, did it! I am currently wearing OPI's Dutch ya just love opi

Wish #6- comment on at least FIVE blogs, and make sure that they are genuine and heartfelt. 
I truly think I did this one, and it was more than five. I have also been sharing posts on Twitter and Facebook. Yep, I am sharing the love!

Wish #7- Finish my blog design. 
I guess because I've been so busy completing the rest of my wishes, I didn't have time to complete this one. Figures! My goal is to get it done by September 1, because I have a fun lil giveaway I want to do!

So four out of seven isn't bad, I guess. I do however, want to complete the previous weeks wishes this week, and continue with them. I mean potty training, scheduling blog posts & commenting are things that need to be done on a consistent basis.

What are your wishes this week? Link up with Anne from Love the Here and Now, and tell us about them!

*also linking up with Liz for the blog hop and Kathy for confessions

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  1. I love doing the Pretty Little Beauty Swap! You got some great things. :)

  2. That Pretty Little Beauty swap seems like such a good idea! What great way to meet other bloggers. Good job on your wishes...4 out of 7? I call that a success. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh I knew time I read the print on your card that she sent you the bronzer! She sent me that a year ago and I love it! So glad that you enjoyed this round, we try to pair people with those that live close by in hopes that they can meet. I hope to see you again for the next round!

  4. First off, I love Christine. She was my partner once for an early Cara Box. She is super sweet and I think it is so cool where she lives. Second, you really got some amazing stuff, like really amazing! I just love products.


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