high five for friday?

Saying that I am beyond excited that it's Friday is a huge overstatement. I am a full-time stay at home mom, who happens to have a part-time job on the weekends, so in reality, I don't get a day, or even a weekend, off. Every day it's the mess of cleaning a dirty house, dealing with poopy diapers, doing dishes, making sure every one is fed, laundry, and so much more. Granted my life isn't really that glamorous, and I say that I really need a full-time job (student loan sharks are swarming like there is blood in the water), but I actually love what I do. And if I had that full-time job, which I know I will eventually get, I know I would miss Lil Man; and wish I was in the shoes I currently am in. I swear, sometimes this being a parent thing is confusing, and sooo black and white.

Anyways, I guess I have bored you to wanting to press that red X button, so I should tell you about what you came here to read, right? 

What was that again? 

Oh, yeah, my week!

one || I finally went day drinking! A friend and Co-worker is moving to Chicago on Saturday, and we decided to do frozen margaritas and Mexican food as a lunch date. Man that shit was good!

two || If you haven't noticed, I decided to revamp my blog buttons, and do some finishing of my blog design. I do however, still have some things to implement, but I am proud to say that I am about 90% finished. And this is why I could never be a blog designer- a blog design takes me 2 months. Ha! 

three || I finally sat down and made a blog advertising budget. It's almost the end of August, and hopefully that summer blogging slump will soon disappear. So to be prepared for the "influx" of traffic (one can only hope), I decided to browse Passionfruit, and pick out some favorite AND Chicago blogs that I wanted to support. In other words, you will see my beautiful face on Fizz and Frosting, Six One Six, Behind Blue Eyes, The Rachael Way, and about three others that need to be approved :) 

four || I finally heard Taylor's new song. First, I actually kinda happy to hear that she's back int he spotlight- I mean people were thinking that maybe she went into hiding a la Adele. Second, I love where Taylor is taking her music; her next album titled "1989" is supposed to be strictly pop. Third, despite what people are saying, I mean haters gonna hate, I love Shake if Off. It's catchy, young, and the vibe is fresh. Brava Taylor. 

This picture's kinda hilarious...

five || For number five, I could talk about how excited I am to get my next IWYP shirt, the fact that I cleaned the hell out of the garage, sorted all of Lil Man's too-small clothes, and listed them for sale on Facebook, or the fact that I am 98% done with the wine glasses for my friend's wedding, but I think I will just leave you with this AMAZING SELFIE of me and Lil Man. 

Enjoy your weekend friends!

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  1. I'm currently looking for a full time job and while I'm so excited for the journey (I've been home about 7 year now), I know I'm going to miss these days I have now :)

    Hope you have a great weekend too & cutie selfie :)

  2. 1. your blog buttons are super cute. love. 2. tell me more about this ad budget. maybe this is something i need to think about. :) 3. your little man is just an absolute doll! (and you rock for getting all that stuff done.) and lastly...4. thank you for linking up! you're the best!

  3. The blog is looking good! I need to start advertising as well. And I hate student loans:(

    Have a great (if busy) weekend!

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

  4. Yum that frozen margarita looks amazing!

  5. So happy you're sponsoring me! :D And yes to day drinking. Like, always.


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