Today is the day...

taken the day I went to see the surgeon


Today is the day… the day when I lose one of my organs. And to tell you the truth, I am freaked the freak out. Like seriously. 

I mean, who wouldn’t be? This is my first time actually going under the knife- my c-section and tonsil surgery when I was in middle school doesn’t count- and having a tube being put down my throat while I’m asleep. What if I wake up? And can’t move? And can’t tell anyone? And I’m in excruciating pain? Oh jeeze, I think I’m just psyching myself out at this point. FU anxiety!! 

Do I really have to have this surgery? I can deal with the un-fun part (aka gas, diarrhea, throwing up) of eating. So what if my gall bladder is only working at twelve percent, instead of the normal rate of I have no idea. And then there is the issue of fried foods, and the part that I can’t eat them for awhile afterwards. I love my fried pickles & mushrooms, French fries, burgers… ok I have to stop- I am really making myself hungry.

I’m being pathetic. It’s just a gall bladder. Nothing is going to happen. It’s laparoscopic, and it’s just four tiny incisions. I will be in and out in an hour, and then on my way home after two hours in recovery. Right? But why do they have to sugar-coat everything? I mean, it’s not a procedure, it’s surgery. When they have to cut in to you for any reason, its considered surgery- not a procedure. My c-section was considered a surgery, and I was awake. 

Anyways, by the time you read this, I will probably be already home- I have to be at the hospital at 5:30am. And yes, as you can tell, I scheduled this last night. But I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for your kind words and encouragement with this surgery. I can’t believe the amazing support that blogging has brought me. 

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that since I will most likely be high on pain meds for the next couple of days, I won’t be checking my e-mail. Basically that means, you can still leave comments, but since I moderate my comments- they probably won’t be published till at least Friday night/Saturday morning. I will be working hard this weekend on recovering and replying to comments that have already been given- so don’t worry. I promise, your replies are coming.

Also, I do have my high five for Friday post scheduled for tomorrow, but I did want to wish you all an early 4th. Oh, yeah, that's another thing... my 4th is most likely going to be spent inside, watching tv, and maybe going to see fireworks with my parents and Lil Man. No swimming, no burgers, no sunbathing... ugh.

Stupid gallbladder.
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  1. I will be keeping you in my thoughts today! I know everything turns out well and you have nothing to worry about!

  2. I had mine removed a few years ago and since then I feel great. As for recovery, don't push yourself. Rest, relax, and don't overdo. I didn't take pain meds after the first day. Hated the feeling of being on them . Hope you get pampered after!!

  3. i have had 7 laps so far (for endometriosis) and, while scary, not that bad!

  4. (good luck - you will do fine!!!)

  5. I'm so anxious to hear how things went with the surgery. I know things will be back before you know it.

  6. I'm so anxious to hear how things went with the surgery. I know things will be back before you know it.


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