Fireworks & morning the loss of Fred

Happy Monday friends! So, I guess I lied, and my weekend really didn't suck that bad.  

I mean, sure I had the dreaded surgery on Thursday, and I couldn't go swimming all weekend, but my family did take me out to see not one, but three, firework shows. Granted it was probably more for Lil Man's benefit, but it was definitely nice to get out of the house and do something,  instead of morning the loss of Fred (my beloved, but low - functioning gall bladder).

So let's recap, shall we?

First, the surgery... | Now, you all know that I had some massive anxiety about the whole thing, and let me tell ya, that anxiety did not leave until I hit the or table and lost an hour of my life. But, I'm getting ahead of myself- let's go back to the beginning.

We arrived at the hospital at 530 am and while waiting for registration, Lil Man became very cuddly.  He seriously wouldn't leave my lap until the lady called my name. While in registration,  the lady asked for my money, which in return I said I wasn't paying until I received my EOB.

Side note: on Tuesday, I was in tears after talking to the hospital money people. They basically hounded me and told me that I was responsible for over $600 and they wanted it the day of surgery. I told them I didn't have it, so they kept throwing out numbers until I agreed to pay $25. They were jerks. I have damn good insurance,  and they treated me like I was uninsured. 

Anyways, after registering, pre - op came to get me. The hubby went with and my parents and Lil Man went to the waiting area. The nurses told me I had to be naked under my gown- so not cool, and then I had to wait for-ever! My surgery was scheduled for 730am, but the doctor was late, and they didn't take me back till almost 825 am.

After they took me back, and I hit the table- everything went blank.

I woke up, vomiting, and it was literally the worst feeling ever. They gave me popsicles, some pain meds, and once I was able to go pee, they sent me on my way. 

After hearing that I was out of surgery, my parents took Lil Man back to their place, and the hubby joined me in recovery. When we left, we went to get something to eat. Well, after eating, I went to bed. I mean, what else are you supposed to do after surgery? Later on that night, we went to the next town over for fireworks.

Friday | Friday, was the forth, as everyone knows, and Lil Man was with my parents. I went back to see him (our house is on the same property, just right in front of my parents) for a little bit, then went home, took a pain pill, took a nap, and then got up to go to another fireworks show.

Saturday | Saturday was basically spent lounging around the house, again. Boring… When I was feeling better, I decided to bring Lil Man home (mainly because I was missing him), and in the afternoon, I took Lil Man outside to play. Sure, all I could do was sit in a chair and watch him, but it was kinda nice to enjoy the weather. Later on that night, we went with my parents to our third fireworks show, and then lit off some fountains when we returned home. 


Sunday | Sunday was another day spent lounging around, but I am happy to say that I'm not taking my pain meds anymore! 

Yeah, so that was my weekend. What was yours like? 
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  1. Hi, I came a cross your blog through Dateless in Dallas link up. Surgeries are not fun at all and I'm glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you had a good 4th of July weekends.


  2. I'm glad you are healing so well. I ended up not seeing any firework shows and you got to see three....lucky you! I'm glad you had a pretty good weekend despite healing.

  3. Stopping by from the link up.

    eeesh-- talk about a different kind of long weekend. Glad that you're in great spirits though.

  4. Wow, you are a trooper! I hope you feel better soon. It's definitely stressful dealing with finances all while trying to get surgery, glad it all worked out.

    Your firework pictures came out amazing! Glad you had a good weekend overall.

    Thanks for linkin' up! xoxo

  5. So glad you are feeling better! Hope all is still going well now. Thansk for linking up! xo


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