snapshots numero two

i am really starting to hate mondays.

i mean, i don't have the normal 9-5 job, so there really isn't a reason why i should actually hate the m word, but it's slowly starting to look that way, and i have an inkling why.

you see, to save on day care, i work on the days when either my mom or hubby can watch lil man, and those days happen to be friday and saturday; and monday evenings. well, friday and saturday, my job has a habit of scheduling me at 8:45a... so i have to get up around 6:30a. ugh. sure, it wouldn't be so bad if i was used to getting 6.5 hours of sleep (i have a tendency to loose track of time and not get in bed until 11:30/12a), but yeah, not so much. oh, did i mention that i usually do 20 hours in those two days?

so when monday comes around and i am looking like death warmed over, i have to look for the beauty in life... therefore i give you another round of random snapshots.

have a great monday friends (if that's even a thing)!

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