confessional | i don't like the rain

hi friends! happy wednesday to you! well, since it's humpday, you know that i am getting my confession on.

so here we go :) 

i confess | i don't like rain. plain and simple. i like thunderstorms, but not the cold, drizzleness or even the hot, humidness of the rain. it sucks. and half the time, i don't even know what to wear. 

well, yesterday it rained; and it was a combination between the cold and humid ickiness. so, again i was confused with what to wear. sure, this isn't a dilemma for most people, but for me, who measures at 5'4, it is. you see, most of my jeans (regular length, not capri or skinny), hit the ground, and well, that tends to pose a problem when it's raining. 

so i pulled out my boyfriends. problem solved, right? yeah, no. unfortunately, since i don't wear heels, there is always the issue with what shoes i should wear. i mean, i couldn't wear my flips, because i could be sliding all over the place, and tennis shoes would just look silly; so i grabbed my flats. wow, that was a really long intro... damn it tabitha.

shirt // target | boyfriend jeans // target clearance (similar) | shoes // payless (no longer avail) | bracelet // maurices (old) | necklace // target clearance 

i confess | that if you don't follow me on insta, then you wouldn't know that i got all my test results back for my gallbladder, and when i went to the doc on monday, he scheduled me for surgery. oh joy. yeah, it's sched for the thursday before 4th of july. boo! anyways, i thing you should get on that follow thing.

i confess | that i think some people are just dicks on purpose. yes, this includes women also. case and point: i was at golden corral (a buffet) the other night, and this little fat kid was trying to reach for the cotton candy... now, every adult around him knew what he was trying to do, but apparently i was the only one who felt for him, and decided to help. my god, if anyone would have gotten in the way of my cotton candy (more likely wine... one can dream, right?), i would've had a shit fit.

i confess | sometimes i am just way too nice.

i confess | after getting burned last week, my neck is starting to peel and annoying da fuq outta me.

i confess | i have been reading a lot of blogger blate recaps lately, and honestly, i wanna go on one. so if anyone lives close to chicago or northwest indiana, hit me up! i wanna make new friends. 

i confess | after i spent like six house total on the blog redesign, i actually don't like it. i thought that it would grow on me, but i think that i want to go back to a pink color. 

i confess | the etsy shop is going to be having a 50% off sale this weekend, in honor of my mama's 50th birthday and i will announce the sale code on twitter and insta

i confess | i am super anxious about the possibility of a full-time job. my student loan sharks are swarming, and a full-time big girl job is in the works, but i am super anxious. i know change is good, but this is life-changing-change. eep.

i confess | this month's iwyp shirt is just so awesome, that i bought both styles! yep, can't wait for that shit to come in.

i confess | i really didn't dig down deep for today's confessions... oops.

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  1. I feel ya on the student loan sharks I need to find a job in my field soon!

  2. love the necklace it would be cute with a LBD!

  3. What a fun necklace. I can't stand the rain either. I would almost rather snow.

  4. Hey Tabitha!! I haaate rain!! But I LOVE that necklace!! Good luck with the surgery too!! Things like that scare me haha! And I swear, Earlier this year I have spent huuundreds on new designs for my blog.. some where profesional and some were pre made! And I cant explain the frustration that comes with that!! I finally found my sweet spot which I thought would never happen and now im happy thank god!! Let me know if you need any recommendations!! :)


  5. I am loving that necklace! It has been raining in Arkansas for several days in a row and I'm tired of it. After it rains it gets so humid and my hair starts looking a hot mess.


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