WIWW | Aztec Cardigan

It's no secret that I LOVE cardigans!!! And when I found this Aztec cardigan on Lulu's website, I was super psyched. I had seen it offered at a few online boutiques, but they were always sold out, because it was famous. Apparently the Bachelorette Emily Maynard, wore it last year and everybody just HAD to have it. I just wanted it, cause I liked the way it looked. I mean, why else would I pay over fifty bucks for a cardigan? Yeah...
Anyways, I bought it, and as soon as I got it, I feel completely head over heels in love with it. It is so darn warm! It's like wearing a blanket! Oh, did I mention that the shipping was super fast? Yeah, it was. But I love the colors in this cardigan. It's beige, aqua blue, red, and navy, so it basically triples as a transitional piece- Spring, Fall, & Winter. And being a mom, you really need to have those type of pieces in your wardrobe. So really, the cardigan was an investment.

So meet my latest investment piece:

Cardigan | Lulu's
Shirt | Target
Jeans | Maurice's
Necklace | Wal-Mart (only sold in stores)
Shoes | K-mart (old)
Oh, since it's Wednesday, you know I have something to confess....
#1- Don't get me wrong, but I am seriously hating the fact that I know way too many people that are popping out babies right now. I mean there were like two new lives brought into this big 'ole world, this week alone. The reason that I am hating on them: I loved having a newborn. Well, after I got over the fact that I smelled like baby vomit and was changing diapers 24/7. But I miss that newborn smell and little toes and just getting to know the new tiny human. Ugh. Anyways... I guess it's just baby fever, and I should just stay away from the water!
#2- Yes, I understand it's like last week's news, but I just don't understand why everyone is hating on Kim & Kanye. Sure, he's a jerk and she's a... um... well, she's Kim K, but c'mon. That little cutie that they made... OMG.
#3- While at the mall the other day, I saw a little girl, who couldn't be older than 13, in a crop top and leggings, with her mother and little brother. Yes, her stomach was on display, AT THE MALL. THE FLIPPIN MALL!!! Really? Great parenting, mom! When I was that age, if I tried to even walk out of my house, I would have gotten back handed. But then again, I would have never thrown my stomach on display. Maybe my boobs, but definitely not my stomach.

But you know what I will display? The fact that I'm linking up with some awesome people like:  The Pleated Poppy for WIWW, Shanna for Random Wednesday, The Fitness Blondie for the Hump Day Blog Hop, and Bella & Kathy for confessions!!!
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  1. Hey Tabitha! I loooove that Cardigan! Like seriously! And yesss everyone is having babies. I just cannot relate. No thank you! ;) xx


  2. That looks perfect with that necklace.

    Little girls with too much exposed skin...ugh

  3. Cute sweater!! Definitey don't understand why some people let their children dress like teen pop stars. Ridiculous.

  4. I am SOOO jealous! Just like you every boutique I checked was sold out and then I saw it on Lulu's and they didn't have my size! It's SO gorgeous! Congrats on your find lol!

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  5. I'm staying about from that baby making water too. Cute cardigan!

  6. Love your cardigan!! I have one that looks just like it & it is one of my favorites! :)

  7. just found your blog and let me just say that i am seriously digging that cardigan! so cute and comfy!


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