Doin' the Carlton Dance {a weekly recap}

Holy moly, this week has definitely been one for the record books! Why? Oh, you will see!

One | My job randomly gave me three days off in.a.row. Which was nice. But the upside was the fact that I was able to get my big paper done. So a win, win?

Two | I finished my big paper, and presented it to my professor! That was definitely a weight lifted! I got my grade back, and guess what... I got an 82! An eighty flippin two!!! It's official! I am graduating in one month!!! Yeah, so this has been me, since I received the email...

Three | My Etsy shop opened this week! I am so happy to finally have it open, and on opening day, I made two sales! That was pretty awesome! I still have the giveaway going on, and you can enter here, or if you would like to visit the shop and grab something, that'd be cool too! I plan on adding martini glasses within the next week, just fyi!

Four | I have made it a week without biting my nails. Ok, I know this isn't a big thing for a lot of people, but I am a recovering nail bitter. I plan to write a blog post about this, but for now, this is all you get. :)

Five | My IWYP and Sevenly shirts came in, and I was seriously psyched. But, then again you would have known that, if you follow me on Instagram (cough, cough).

Six | Everyone knows that I am a Mom to a Lil Man, and one of the perks of being a mom to that Lil Man, is the fact that my TV is on Disney channel 24/7... Yeah... but, I saw this cute lil song, and I really wanted to share it with you guys!

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  1. I'm not a nail biter but I'm a cuticle picker! It's such an annoying habit but so hard to stop!!!! I feel your pain!

  2. I bite my nails too :/ Its bad. And congrats on your paper! What're you getting your Masters in?


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