Maybe I should buy my blog a cupcake or something...

On March 18, I hit my six month blog anniversary, or blogaversary as we like to say in the bloggy world; and I must say that I am truly blessed. No, I am not going to go all Sunday preachy on you, but I never imagined the support or the following that I would accumulate in the six months that I have been doing this. I never imagined it, and I am speechless. Well, not really; but you know what I am talking about.

Granted, I know that I have bought bribed some of those readers and social media followers, but over ninety percent of them have stayed around because of the content that I produce on a near daily basis, and that makes me feel good. Sure, I would love more comments, but one step at a time; right?
Anyways, I seriously can't believe how much the blog has grown within the past six months. I have changed the design way too many times, evolved in my writing, and gained so many followers, most of whom are actually loyal and come back to leave me love, in the form of those comments. On a side note, I am actually getting better at returning the favor when someone comments... in the form of commenting back. I seriously read and follow way to many damn blogs.
Anyways, I figured that I would keep this short and sweet, because maybe one day I won't have to post 7 days a week to keep you guys around. Ha! Just kidding. Yeah, so I wanted to thank each and every one of you reading this for making me feel so welcome in this bloggy world, and thank you for reading each and every day!
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  1. People have stuck around because you are a really good blogger. You have really worked hard on your blog and it shows.

  2. happy blogaversary!! isn't the blogging community so amazing? it's why i'm so active with my blog and others because the folks on here are incredible!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Happy Blogaversary to you! I am happy that I found your blog and am now a loyal follower! I must agree... I follow so many blogs that it is hard to comment on all!

  4. awh congrats! you rock girl :)

  5. Happy blogaversary!!!! Now where's my cupcake, woman?! ;P

  6. Happy Blogaversary! I'm sure the growth feels wonderful especially after seeing how much work you put into your blog.

  7. This is so awesome! Congratulations girl! I am so glad you started sponsoring me so I found your blog - your posts really are some of my favorite reads! (From one sarcarstic girl to another :) )

    xo Sam


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