March Birchbox Review

After hearing about how people have been loving their Birchboxes the past six months, I finally decided to say "what they hey?" and sign up. Shipping was super fast, and after filling out my profile, I received my first Birchbox about a week later (I guess I ordered at the right time). FYI, it always doesn't happen that way. There is usually a wait list, and I had my monthly subscription sitting in my cart for the past two months (I will address this later).

For those of you who don't know what Birchbox is, in a nutshell, you receive 4-5 samples and 1 full size product every month according to the beauty profile that you fill out. You receive beauty products (which includes hair and makeup) and one lifestyle item for $10 a month. You also can cancel at any time. It's a pretty nice "try before you buy" service, as no box is ever the same.


In my first box, I received: COOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face, Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle, Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion, Tea Forte Menteas- 3 Pack, Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom, and a square of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Cherry Tango.

The first thing that I tried was the chocolate, of course. Ghirardelli makes good chocolate, and the Dark Cherry Tango was no different, except the fact that I am not a fan of dark chocolate. I think I would have liked it a lot better if it came in milk, instead.

After eating the chocolate and thinking about how good it would actually taste in milk chocolate, I realized that I had received a hair product. After reading the back, and realizing that it was similar to It's a 10, I opened it up to smell it. I'm sorry, but my hair products, especially leave in's, need to smell good. I couldn't believe how good it actually smelled. It smelled like tropical chocolate goodness. Yeah. Simply Amazing. So I decided to use it... and I was glad I did. Not only did it make my hair smell wonderful, it detangled, made it feel silky, and made it look shiny. I feel in love!

I also really like the Coola Natural BB cream. Basically it's an SPF 30 sunscreen for the face mixed with a BB cream. Yes, it protects your face and blends your skin tone. Granted I would not use this product for everyday use, but it would be great for going to the beach, when all you need is this, some waterproof mascara, and a bit of eye shadow (makeup wise).

The Gilchrist & Soames lotion is fresh smelling and super hydrating for my dry hands, and I really liked it. I haven't tried the mints, because I am kind of skeptical that mints can give you energy, and the perfume smells really pretty, but is very potent. I like subtle smells, and Cherie Blossom is meant to be smelled.
Overall, I was very pleased with my first box from Birchbox, and I will be keeping my subscription. Oh, like I was saying, you know how when you first signed up for Pinterest and there were limited spots, so you went on a waiting list, and when a spot became available, you were sent an e-mail? Well, Birchbox is kinda like that. They have a waiting list, but I have the answer for you. If you sign up through my referral link, you don't have wait. Well, you still have to wait for the next box shipment, but you don't have to be on the waiting list.

Anyways, here's my referral link >> CLICK HERE << 

I personally think that you should try it. I mean it's only ten bucks. What else could you be spending ten bucks on?
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I guess I should tell you that I earn points if you sign up through my referral link, and those points eventually lead to "free" products, but I swear to you that this is not  a sponsored post, as Birchbox has no idea who I am... (but they do have my credit card info). And if you sign up, and then review the products that you receive in your box... YOU also receive points, which lead to free products. So, it's a win/win!


  1. LOVE my Birchbox! I got that lotion this month too and I really like it!

  2. I got the leave in conditioner in my last Birchbox and I LOVEEEE it! In fact I'm still contemplating purchasing the full size. Unfortunately the packaging for my sample was defective :/

  3. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate either... but with cherries... YUMMY!

  4. I actually love dark chocolate. When I started liking dark chocolate that is when I decided I was officially old. You have me wanting to buy the Beauty Protector. Is it really that good?

  5. This looks like a really good one! I used to do Birchbox and was signed up for like 6 months. I just unsubscribed for a bit because I started accumulating so many different products that I wasn't using fast enough! I also had received that leave-in spray in the red bottle and smelled my hair whenever I used it. I might have to sign up again! If I do soon I'll use your referral link!


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