I'm the kinda girl who...

I have been reading some new blogs lately, and have come across some Liebster Award posts. Well, the one thing that I have found that is rather common is the number 11, of course, and each one of them goes like this… a thank you for the nomination, 11 facts about the author, 11 answered questions from the nominator, 11 bloggers nominated by the writer, and then 11 asked questions for the writer’s nominees. 

If you remember, I was also nominated for this award, but not one, but two fellow bloggers. But, I have come to realize something… I didn’t include all of the components. Yes, I thanked my nominators, I answered my questions, I nominated, and then I asked question. What was missing? The 11 facts about me.

This realization actually presented a problem, though. I didn’t want to just post a random list of things about me (say what?), or go back and edit the original post.

Enter Holly from Hey, Hollywood. When I saw on Instagram yesterday that she was going to be hosting a “I’m the kinda girl who…” linky, I finally came up with the solution. What if I participated in the linky, and gave you some random facts about me? Killing two birds with one stone? Eh, it works, right?

I'm the kinda girl who...

... is always behind the camera. I never rarely take pictures by myself, due to body confidence issues, so I am either behind the camera or taking selfies. Or taking selfies with Lil Man.
…tends to put family before herself. This includes sickness and medical issues. For example, I have yet to go see a foot doctor for the large bunion on my right foot that is always in pain, because I know that they will most likely want to do surgery. Alas, I don’t have time for that with the number of tests that the hubby has been going through for his upcoming and extremely daunting back surgery date schedulation. So what if I can’t wear heels… no one said flats weren’t cute!

… loves redecorating the house over and over. Most people’s living rooms get changed up maybe twice a year, but mine… whenever, I get the itch. And yes, that includes moving couches around.

… has way too many clothes. This is always an issue, but alas I never have anything to wear. #girlproblems

… has an addiction to chapstick. No, not the actual brand, but the more generalized form of chapstick… I have a tube in almost every room of my house, due to my dry lips.

… who actually excels at writing term papers, case briefing (it’s a law school thing), and term papers, but half the time doesn’t show it because I either don’t like the topic or I’m under too much stress.

… loves painting her nails. Who doesn’t? I, on the other hand though, have an issue with anything dark on my finger nails. I have rather short nails, because I am a recovering nail bitter (ick, I know), so I love almost clear, but has a shot of color polishes; i.e. Essie Allure, OPI Buble Bath, or a glitter.

… loves wearing flip flops, even though the world can see the dryness of her heels.

… stresses rather easily.

… believes in love at first sight and that everything happens for a reason.

… if asked to describe herself in three words, can’t. It’s like picking your ultimate favorite food, nail polish, or blogger. It’s hard.

… is always late. I guess it’s either a gift or due to my procrastination tendencies, but unless I have a “this is the final deadline, meet it or something bad will happen”, you can guarantee I will be late.

... is rather indecisive. Sure, I can make decisions, but then I will turn around and change my mind two seconds later.

… never leaves the house without at the very least, mascara on.

... is a kid at heart.

If you have the need to know more, you can always read my "about me", or click the about me under what I ramble about on the right side of the screen :)
What kinda girl are you? Head on over to Hey, Hollywood and link up :)


  1. I'm the kind of girl who loves to read your posts! You always have me laughing and shaking my head yes.

  2. I prefer to be behind the camera too! I'm getting used to being in front of it cause apparently bloggers need pictures of themselves... BUT I DONT HAVE TO LIKE IT!

    ... and I secretly believe in love at first sight too. Shh! Don't tell!

  3. I'm the EXACT same way about clothes. I have too many. I know I have too many. Yet at the same time, I don't feel like I have enough. GIVE ME ALL OF THE CLOTHES!

  4. We're alike in our indecisiveness but I can not stand to be late! I even have that on my list :)

  5. I believe everything happens for a reason too and I put my family before myself.

    http://hotpinkowl02.blogspot.com/2014/02/im-kinda-girl-who.html i'm now your newest follower. hope you have a great weekend.


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