H54F {2/21/14}

Wow, I seriously can't believe that it's already Friday. I mean, where in the world, has this week actually gone? I have no idea, and it's kinda crazy! Anyways... my highs of the week :)

one // the hubby had some testing done at the hospital, so me and Lil Man decided to go to the mall and ride on the carousel. We both had a lot of fun, and it was nice to get out and do something that he loves to do.

two // mother nature is very cruel. On Tuesday, the polar vortex decided to call a truce and give us a near 50 degree day. Even though it was kinda windy, it was nice to experience the first "heatwave" of the year, especially cause I know it's not going to last.

three // on a recent trip to Target, my "no clothes spend month" goal was broken due to some boyfriend sweats... but they were only $5.98... and they are super comfortable.

four // I can never say it enough, but Target does have some really good clearance. I picked up two $9.99 picture frames for $2.98 a piece. I am trying to collect black picture frames, to complete a gallery wall when we move (eventually), so I was actually a little psyched.

five // one of the perks about sponsoring other blogs, is having the chance to participate in the monthly group giveaways. Personally, I love participating, especially with the bigger name ones, because you get more exposure, and of course, build your following. So, this week, I am participating in not one, but TWO different giveaways! Yeah, cra cra shiznit!

Oh, before I forget, my sponsor spotlight went up on Whispering Sweet Nothings today, and I think you should check it out... well, after you enter the giveaways, of course! You can enter both below :)

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