Cara Box Reveal

Happy Sunday Friends! Are you ready for some football?
I have a confession, unless my beloved Bears (I live less than an hour away from Chicago, so of course I root for them) are playing in the biggest game of the season, I am really not interested in the game... I personally am in it for the commercials and the half time show :)
Yeah, with that said, you can already tell that I am not going to be talking about football or the Super Bowl today. Is that ok? I hope it is, cause like 20 million other blogs are going to be talking about it, and that shit gets old. It's like everyone on your Facebook friend's list, posting "it's snowing!" when it starts. Really? Apparently no one else knows, right? There is just no need for that type of nonsense.
Facebook tangent over. Let's get to the good stuff.

A couple months ago, I signed up to participate in the December Cara Box hosted by Kaitlyn over Wifessionals. If you don't know what it is, you can read about it, or you can just settle for my little run down. Basically Cara Box is a box swap in which you are paired with two partners in your state. Which is a nice thing, because getting t know other bloggers in your state can lead to blates (blogger dates). Anyways, you get to know both of your partners for around two months, and then at the end of the second month, you send a care-like package to one of your partners full of things that they would like with an enclosed note of encouragement. See the whole idea behind the Cara Box is to get to know people and make friends. The swap is open to women (and men) all over the world, and to bloggers and non-bloggers because it is now centered around Instagram.
Every exchange has a theme, and this time's theme was SHINE. For this exchange, I was paired with Jenn from Bad Luck Jenn and Eva from Eva Marie Taylor, both of whom I hope to keep in contact with for awhile :) I sent a box to Eva, and Jenn sent a box to me.
When my Cara Box arrived from Jenn, I seriously couldn't wait to open it. You see, since the box was rather large, I received one of those "please pick up your crap at the actual post office" notes, since my driveway kinda sucks. So, as soon as I got back to the car, from picking it up at the Post Office, I immediately tore into it, falling in love with each thing I opened.
I received so many things, and it seemed like the box was tailored to a 'T' for ME! Jenn sent me fuzzy socks, picture frames, nail polish, earrings, eos lip balm (I definitely needed another), coasters, note pads, sticky notes, dr.pepper lip balm, and an amazing note of encouragement. The box will most definitely help me SHINE :)

My box! Amazing, huh?

My favorite quote ever, hand drawn by Jenn

Handmade coasters for my living room

Owl earring and nail polish from Forever 21

The nail polish: it's white with different colored sequin thingys {LOVE}

Top to bottom: Little journal thing, blank cards, a pack of sticky lists, and garnishments

Out of everything, I love this little notepad
The next Cara Box swap starts in March, and I will definitely be participating!


  1. You got some good loot! I love the framed quote!!!! :D

  2. What a fun little thing to participate in!

  3. That nail polish is so fun - like a spring preview! (I found your blog through Shana!)

  4. Too cool! She really wen all out! My carabox hasn't arrived yet :(

  5. That polish looks so fun!!! I have never seen anything like it. Those coasters and that notepad ... Love! I'm doing it again too. Caraboxing is so fun. Is that a word? It should be. Haha


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