Ten Favorite Things about a new year

Hello my darling readers! It's so nice to see you all again, and I hope Monday is treating you well! Currently I am living in IN where hell hath frozen over, the temperature gage is currently reading -15 degrees, and the snow drifts are up to my waist. I am also running out of white bread and milk, so I may go ahead and hitch up my dog and my parent's three dogs to the sled, so I can take a trip to Wal-Mart, cause you know they never close. But, "don't you worry your pretty mind, cause people throw rocks at things that shine" and I have something fun for you!
(btw, I am referring to mother nature throwing rocks at my region. Yeah, I know. Stupid. Eh, whatevs.)
Every month Brianna over at Endlessly Beloved hosts a "ten Favorite things" link-up, and I have been participating for about three months now. I seriously love her topics, and this month is no different. So, today, I am not only giving you my ten favorite things about a new year, but also another chance to enter the Ten Favorite Things Giveaway!!! Yep, you can scream for joy now, but please don't jump, cause it's way too cold ;)
Endlessly BeLoved
one... the blank slateness. Just like the fresh laid snow, a new year is a blank slate/ blank page. There is just nothingness. No yellow snow, no critter tracks, just nothing. And like the beautiful fresh laid snow, there isn't anything that is keeping you from starting over, and writing the best year ever. All you got to do is take that first step into the beautiful nothingness.
two.. the 'new year, new me bull'. Sure it's cliché, but I really like the whole concept behind it. The idea is to take the year, and mold yourself into a better person. Cue resolution writing. This is when you dye your hair that amazing shade of honey brown (or whatever suits your fancy), when you finally pull up the big girl/big boy panties and go for that amazing job, when you finally say good bye to that friend that is always bringing you down, when you finally make that life changing decision to end a toxic relationship, when you take the leap and reinvent yourself.
three... reflection. This goes with one and two, but the idea behind reflection is to either "resolve" a problem or to continue on with what makes you happy. Reflecting on the previous year gives you that ground to stand on when making the big decisions in the new year.
four... lessons learned. Not be confused with reflection, but it definitely goes hand in hand. The new year is a great time to see what didn't work in the previous years, and actually change it.
five... a do-over. It seems like a new year is just what the doctor ordered for a shitty previous year.
six... cleaning. A new year is the perfect time to conduct a purge of your house and computer. Sure, house cleaning can wait until 'Spring Cleaning', but do you really want to start off a new year with 'dirty laundry' and dust bunnies everywhere. What's that? You hate cleaning? Well you can either sit on your ass and watch the 56 re-runs of Grey's Anatomy saved on your DVR, or you can start feeding your cat's new playmate in the corner. I think his name may be 'dusty the bunny'?
seven... tax time. Who seriously doesn't love tax time? Granted doing taxes usually gives every one who actually does them, an ulcer, but I LOVE getting money. Money that can be spent on a vacation to somewhere tropical or somewhere you haven't been. Money that can be spent on a new car or for a down payment on a new house. Getting taxes back just makes for a great March. Well, unless you have to pay out of your ass, and for that I am sorry for all my happiness blah blah blah. But please note, if this in fact does happen, message me, and I will send you flowers. Pinky Promise.
eight... birthdays. Aging is truly a beautiful thing. You become wiser with each passing year, and are able to give good, sound advice because you have been there, done that. And celebrating my 21st for the eighth time won't be that bad :)

nine.... shopping. Right after the new year starts, stores start running one of their best sales of the year for the first two weeks. Basically it's the best time to not break the bank or budget while you are stocking up on all of those comfy winter sweaters and sometimes jeans for 40-50% off.

ten... the novelty of something new. The better part of January is about the novelty of all the year's firsts. First #selfie. First trip to #Target. First #Starbucks. First blog post to not mention anything about the new year. Yeah, you get it. It's fun. And then it gets old. Real. Old.

Yep, that's my list. Enjoy? If not, did you know that there is still time to enter the "Favorite Things" Giveaway? Enjoy now? Well, go HERE and enter, cause you know you wanna win all that shiznit!!!


  1. HECK YES! First of all, if you want to take me shopping too I'd be okay with that ;) These are all such good points! I was worried people we're going to have trouble thinking of 10 things for this one, but yours are awesome. I'm really excited about February's already :) Thanks for linking up love you!!

  2. Love your list girl! I hope 2014 is a great year for you.

  3. OMG I put down your #7 too cuz tax refunds are great! lol

  4. I love the new year new me too and the cleaning everything!

  5. I used to hate tax time but last year I did it ASAP and now I can't wait for THIS year!

  6. Great list! I love the "blank slateness" too...everything always seems much more doable in a new year!

  7. Yes, I love the after Christmas sales. When you combine them with your giftcards, it is like getting stuff for free. This will come in handy when you reinvent yourself a million times between now and February.

  8. So true about the first _______! #guilty :p

    Cheers to the new year!

  9. Great list! Glad I found it through the link up!


  10. I love after Christmas sales! I've already shopped a few myself! I also had a lot of these in my list as well!! Tax time is too funny! I can't believe I didn't think of that! I love getting money back!


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