Thanksgiving favorites

This week's four favorites link up is all about Thanksgiving! Holy Crap, I am actually on time for this!! Anyone want to give me a pat on the back?
I love food, therefore I love Thanksgiving! I love the fact that you can stuff your face until you want to puke and undo the top button of whatever pants you are wearing, and not get an judgment from family members for it! I personally think that you should just wear a nice shirt (for picture taking) and tehn just wear your ratty ole' sweats, cause you know that you are going to gain at least ten pounds and those sweats are just so forgiving. Anyone agree?
So, my absolute four favorite things about Thanksgiving?
one... Turkey
MMM... Turkey! I love the whole process of making the turkey... washing it out, making the stuffing, cooking it for like six hours... wait, what am I saying? Apparently I just got caught up in the moment, and starting typing what came to mind, but I do not love making turkey. I LOVE eating the turkey. And then I LOVE the cold turkey sandwiches the day after.
two... Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Since I was little, I have always watched the Macy's day parade on Thanksgiving Day, while my Mom was cooking the Turkey. It was like one of those family tradition things that people always talk about, so I have kept the tradition alive by watching it with my son. This year's gonna be good, because he is really into Santa!
three... PIE
P.I.E. pie. MMM... OMG, I seriously LOVE pie. Pecan pie. Pumpkin pie. Any type of pie.
When it comes to pie on Thanksgiving, I instantly transform into a that "Fat kid who love cake".  MMM HMMMM
four... Christmas Tree Decorating
Putting up the Christmas tree has always varied from either the day before (aka Thanksgiving Eve) or the day after (aka Black Friday), depending on if we are hosting dinner or not. In either instance, I have always LOVED putting up the tree.
There ya go, my four Thanksgiving favorites!!!
Have a GREAT Thanksgiving everyone!!!


  1. High five for the pie! I'm making my first pumpkin pie this year and can't wait to dig in! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. I just did a happy dance when I read the part about shoving your face. I CAN'T WAIT!!! Gahhhh! I used to love watching the parade as a kid. :)


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