What I wore: Maurices dressing room fun

Hello my darlings, how are you all today? I am in a "throw some glitter, make it rain" type of mood, and I can't wait to share my favorite clothing store with you! Eeep!
If you have been around here for a minute, it's really no secret that I love shopping at Maurices. If you are new, this is why: they have amazing clothes, actually have really nice, helpful, and pretty employees that will show you how to wear something that you like, and are ALWAYS running sales. I mean, I shop at my local Maurices so much that the manager knows me by name. They also offer a comfortable shopping environment and have AMAZING dressing rooms!

Today I wanted to show you the two outfits that I tried on (and bought) to wear for Christmas. Yes, I know Christmas was like three weeks ago, but so much has been going on lately with the blog, and the weather, and not to mention trying to keep up with a three year old, aka Lil Man.
I digress alot. (It's an 'educated persons' way of saying that I go off subject a lot. I'm sorry, but considering that I am a Grad student, I probably should use more complicated words, huh?)
Back to what I was saying. My style is usually jeans and a cute sweater during the winter, and the sweater is usually a neutral color. I have been experimenting more with actual color now, as you will see, but I'm not sure if I like it yet. Also, anything that is still in stores, I will post a link to. :)
I walked into Maurices in this outfit. It was extremely comfortable (as almost all of my clothes are).
scarf: JCP
tunic: Target
jeans: Silver Jeans Suki Surplus
(Maurices has an excellent selection of Silver jeans, but I bought these of a girl on Facebook for like $30)
tank: Maurices
boots: Target 
The only thing different is the sweater. It's green and lightweight.
top: Maurices 
Oh, like my necklace? It's an ivory one-stone bubble necklace from Caroline G. Link HERE!
This is the outfit that I picked out for Christmas Day, but instead of the shirt, I decided to add a brown one underneath.
cardi wrap: Maurices
shirt: Maurices
Tank, jeans, and boots are the same as the first picture.
Cute, huh? I just love versatile items of clothing!
pleated poppy  
It's also no secret that I love like to take pictures of myself. Who doesn't? But every #selfie that I take, is usually of my face, neck, and maybe chest (if my boobs can fit in the picture), so I don't really care about the bottom half. Since linking up with The Pleated Poppy for the first time about a month ago, I have actually been taking what I wear into consideration.
When I am at home, it's still my normal uniform of yoga pants and a fitted t-shirt (or long sleeve shirt, now that it's cold), but now when I leave the house, I try to look my best. I am not talking like high heels and panty hose best, but actually look nice for a change.
Basically how you would want to look, if you ran into your ex at Wal-Mart Target. Yep, that's the idea.
Oh snap, before I go, I should tell you: the links are to the items of clothing online. I strongly recommend that if you want to shop at Maurices (I know that you already do), go in to a store. The store is more likely to have what you want, and if they don't have it in your size, they can order it for you, and shipping to the store will be free. Awesome, huh?
Did I mention that I found a new blog to link up with, and I thought that this post was right on point with the topic? It's called Mix It Mondays, yes I know it's Wednesday... But in the link up, basically you take a piece of clothing and remix the crap out of it, aka wear it with different pants, a different shirt, etc. Yep, that's me! Always trying something different with my staple: Silver Jeans. Anyways, the link is hosted by Erin from Living In Yellow, and Lauren from Fizz and Frosting. I am so glad that I stumbled upon both of their blogs, because they are amazing! BTW, you should check them out!


  1. Out of the million stores we have here, we do not have a Maurice's. But you look cute!

  2. I haven't been to Maurice's in like forever (I had actually forgot they even existed) , but this makes me want to go!!

  3. I LOVE Maurice's! I pretty much ONLY shop there. Your outfits are adorable just like you!

  4. I like that wrap!!!!! I've never heard of Maurice's before. Just what I need... another place to shop at. ;P


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